Our Team

We’re a friendly bunch here at FYF, each as dedicated as the last and not that we’re biased at all, but we definitely have the best team in the world. Read on to find out who we are and what we do.

Cor Hutton

Cor lost her hands and feet to sepsis back in 2013 and set up our charity to offer peer support to amputees in all stages of their life and journey. She can be found spreading the word about FYF and visiting new Troopers. Cor also meets with health, education and NHS personnel, and is a motivational speaker. Despite being a triathlete and world record holder, when it comes to making tea or coffee she’s quick to play the ‘amputee’ card…


Nicola Booth

Nic keeps everything running at Finding Your Feet – the team regularly receive emails from her at 4 am… She’s in charge of strategic planning, oversees the day-to-day running of our charity and is the point of contact for initial enquiries. The only time she stops working is to have a laughing fit at her favourite joke: “What’s Cor short for?  Cos she’s got no legs!”


Kerr Ferguson

Kerr has handled the marketing, PR and design for the charity since 2017. He spends a lot of his time with the amputees we work with, telling their inspirational stories in various formats and spreading the word about our charity and its goals. He’s shown Paul the ropes, teaching him just enough to be good but not better… for now.


Lesley Lawrie

Les is a below-knee amputee who volunteered for the charity before coming onboard. She’s based in Fife, and as well as playing a key role in our Well-being Team, she coordinates clubs and supports Troopers across all our areas too. She’s also the one that keeps our website all shiny and up to date, manages our private online groups for amputees and helps Troopers with any tech issues they have. When she’s not working on all of that, she’s kept busy having to explain her Fife slang to the rest of the group. Who is this Ken she always speaks of?


Paul Johnson

After benefitting from Finding Your Feet’s support, Paul joined the team. He’s a double above-knee amputee and uses his experience to talk at schools, businesses and events. When he’s not out spreading the word, he’s one half of the FYF marketing department, handling social media and design. He’s right into his tunes and doesn’t hide the fact that he thinks the songs that the rest of us like are terrible even though it’s widely agreed he has the worst taste in music…


Joan-Anne Quinn

Joan-Anne wears two hats within the FYF team – firstly she’s our Volunteer Co-ordinator, supporting our volunteers in everything they do for us and our Troopers. She’s also our Day Hub supervisor, handling everything that goes on in the Hub, from bookings to maintenance, and much more. On top of her role with us, she’s always volunteering, supporting and helping people in her spare time. One might say she’s almost too kind… we’ll be keeping an eye on this one…


Gordon Macdougall

After volunteering as a Peer Supporter and handling check-in calls with Troopers, Gordon was the perfect fit for our Well-being Team. He’s an above-knee amputee and uses his experience to raise the spirit of the amputees he calls and ensures they know we’re there for them. When he’s not chatting to the Troopers, you’ll often find him winding up someone in the team – they probably had it coming – right?

Rebecca Terrey

Becca joined the team to assist our Fundraising Coordinator Eilish with admin and events. She’s been brilliant at helping our team keep on top of all things admin, so brilliant in fact that she’s now also joined our Well-being Team to help with Trooper clubs and taxis. She’s a self-proclaimed “beige food” person – take from that what you will! 

Maryam Anwar

Maryam first started volunteering for our team and soon came on board as an FYF Hub Assistant in our Day Hub, handling room set-ups, turnarounds and being a friendly face for our bookings. On top of her usual role, she’s handling the FYF Charity Hub social media with her creative writing. If there’s one thing every office needs, it’s someone to deal with spiders. Before Maryam, it was just chaos.

Fiona Lynch

Fiona joined our team as an FYF Hub Assistant in our Day Hub,  handling room set-ups, turnarounds and being a friendly face for our bookings. She loves to paint animal portraits in her spare time and is already planning her next portfolio using the FYF team…