The Worlds Most Unlikely Skier

February 1, 2017

Dubbed the ‘world’s most unlikely skier,’ 16 year old amputee Insha Afsar can ski on one leg like a pro. After losing her leg in the 2005 devastating earthquake in Pakistan, Insha is determined not to let anything get in her way of success.

After moving to the US, Insha took up skiing and found her passion. Though skiing was a little hard to digest for Insha’s family, given the fact that rarely someone takes interest in the sport in Pakistan never mind for females. This gives a purpose to her skiing; she hopes her passion for the sport inspires Pakistani women to take up the sport too.

Insha 3

“I come from a place where it’s not common for a woman to be an athlete. Coming to the US and then pursuing a sport that I love, that might inspire people to come forward and do what they want to do, despite what’s holding them back,” she said. For Insha, it has been an amazing journey which she describes as trying to fit in ‘two different worlds’. However, one thing is for certain; the girl has definitely not let her disability get the better of her!

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