FYF Trooper Agreement

All Troopers who wish to attend and register with FYF must read and agree to our Trooper Agreement to complete registration.


Our mission at Finding Your Feet is to help Troopers and their families, affected by amputation or limb absence, with activities, services, and support to benefit fitness, mental health, and personal growth.

At Finding Your Feet, we want to offer Troopers a safe environment where you can access our peer community, get information, and help with social, physical, and mental health support.

We care about what we do, and how we do it. This Trooper Agreement outlines what we expect from Troopers engaging in our groups, clubs, and activities. It mirrors our staff and volunteer codes of conduct policy and aims to make us united in what it means to be part of our organisation. It ensures we can give all Troopers a safe space and the best support we can offer.

At FYF we expect our values and aims to be delivered whilst supporting one another and our Troopers to be provided with a high level of respect. We ask all Troopers, staff, volunteers and any people working with us to show respect for one another in all types of communication as well as face to face at groups, clubs and events.

Aim and Commitments

We expect everyone involved to be welcoming, supportive, inclusive and respectful to Troopers, staff, and volunteers.

We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment to offer Troopers easy access support and sign-posting to enhance their recovery and well-being.

Our Trooper Agreement highlights key areas we want to uphold and be consistently done in “the FYF way” at all clubs, groups, events and workshops we provide.

The Trooper Agreement – FYF Expectations

  1. Troopers attending or interacting with us will act with respect, without judgement or prejudice and be inclusive to others, ensuring that they act in the best interests of the organisation and of fellow Troopers at all times.
  2. Troopers will be expected to follow our relevant policies and procedures for safety and required information purposes. This includes any documents developed for particular groups or tasks (for example, registration, sign in sheets, health & safety and smoking points). Troopers can ask us to see the policies at any time.
  3. Troopers should always take responsibility for their own role and safety of themselves and others by following any guidance or instructions provided by FYF in relation to laws of Scotland and the UK (privacy, duty of care and health & safety).
  4. No-one will attend under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances; they will be asked to leave with immediate effect if they fail to comply with this, further discussions will be necessary.
  5. We are an inclusive organisation. Troopers will be expected to respect all people equally and are aware of our legal responsibility to celebrate and champion equality and diversity. FYF have a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, bullying, abuse, discrimination, exploitation, or violence.
  6. Troopers are expected to respect our organisation, our property, our brand and logo and our beliefs in what we represent. If you see or hear any inappropriate action or behaviour towards others, which is negative, inappropriate, or discriminative you should report it immediately to a member of staff.
  7. Troopers should be aware they are part of FYF and should protect our reputation by behaving appropriately and always be mindful of other visitors and staff. This includes using appropriate language at all times.
  8. We will handle all complaints and concerns and sensitive information with the greatest

Reporting a problem

Troopers can approach any member of staff or volunteer or follow our complaints procedure if they have any issues or concerns. We want Troopers to be happy and comfortable in our surroundings and will take any concerns seriously. All Troopers who are supported by FYF have a duty to report concerns or suspicions regarding any misconduct or inappropriate

Breaches of the FYF Trooper Agreement

Breaches will be subject to an investigation and measures will be taken in accordance with what has occurred. This could include suspension of support and access to services depending on the severity.


If you have any general queries, in the first instance we would encourage you to speak to staff at our head office in Paisley.

You can do this in person when you’re in, or if you’d prefer, you can call or email us.

Phone: 0141 258 4868
Email: info@findingyourfeet.net

Last reviewed: February 2023


By completing the fields below, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms.  Once you’ve done so, your agreement will be complete.  You should then receive an email from the team with a copy of the Trooper Agreement. If you don’t see it, please double check your junk/spam folder.