Two of a kind!

December 7, 2016

One lovely story that we couldn’t get enough of this month is two double amputee kindered spirits… Gillian Dalley and Cola the dog!

When charity worker Gillian walked in to the vet’s, she took one look at the badly injured Cola and instantly knew she had to adopt him, and the rest is history! And it wasn’t just Gillian that knew – despite the fact his two front legs had been cruelly hacked off with a sword, Cola started barking with excitement and rolling onto his back like they’d never seen before when she walked over to him. Gillian talks about being able to look after Cola by helping him build up his strength, perfecting his walk and taking care of the sores from the prostheses – all of which she has mastered herself after losing both of her legs in 2004.

Now known as the ‘happiest dog on earth’, Cola and Gillian have truly found a long lasting bond that no one could have ever imagined. Gillian hopes that together she and Cola will help amputees across the globe not to lose hope and counts her blessings every day for their special bond.



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