Volunteers Needed For A Study About Walking With A Prosthetic

May 8, 2017

The University of Strathclyde are looking for some volunteers to take part in a study where they will be focusing on your leg movement and muscle activity. They will be looking at how you walk indoors, outdoors and using a treadmill.

The inclusion criteria are:

  • you are 18 years old or older
  • you walk outside of your residence using whatever walking aid needed
  • you have good vision (with or without corrective aids)
  • you have a lower-limb prosthetic you are comfortable to walk with
  • you are able to provide informed consent
  • you are able to follow simple verbal instructions, and communicate in English.
  • you are able to come to the University of Strathclyde during working hours (9-5) Monday to Friday

“If you decide to take part in this study, you will need to come to the University of Strathclyde for an appointed time that will be arranged with you. Here you will be asked a few questions about your health state, your memory (cognitive abilities) and your mobility. The questions about your mobility will encompass the distances, frequency, and conditions at which you usually walk outside of your home. If you are happy to proceed, you will then be asked to change into provided shorts and a tight-fitting top, within a private changing room. One of the doctoral students will then ask your age and take some measurements such as your height, weight, and width of your joints. This same doctoral student will then, with your consent, stick small sensing devices to certain points of your legs that will record your movements throughout the experiment”

If you are interested in taking part, let us know and we can send you the full information and consent form. Please consider sparing about two hours of your time to help with this study. Thank you.