William’s Story…

August 30, 2018

If you pause to read one thing today, let it be William’s story.

“At this time in my life, I can honestly say Finding Your Feet saved my sanity. I had barely left the house in a year. Like a defence mechanism, I had closed down and stopped communicating. I knew I was in a bad way and had to do something. I had a full amputation of my right leg seven years ago due to a blood clot. My mum passed away to cancer after this. I had nursed her for three years and with my dad and brother also passing to Barrett’s Oesophagus cancer, it was an extremely difficult time.

Then, eighteen months ago, I became seriously ill with an aneurysm in my left leg. The surgeon warned me before the operation that I probably wouldn’t survive, but it had to be done. After this I felt I lost everything; my relationship with my partner and son, my social life, my car and mobility. 

I’m 53 now. I remember being so low I thought “not long to go now” as my dad and brother passed away at 54.

I phoned FYF in February and spoke to Cindy who gave me all the information to come along to the Ampu-teas. I was made very welcome and was interested to try the clubs and events. Through Finding Your Feet, I started counselling with Michele. I have been offered counselling in the past but this time it was different, I knew I needed it and she is such a kind person. I can feel my mood lightened when I leave the sessions.

Going to the gym and swimming clubs has helped my fitness and everyone is so nice and friendly. I look after my sister Mary who has learning difficulties and it can be hard, so it’s great to get time for me. Coming to Ampu-teas at first I didn’t say much, but now I enjoy a laugh and feel more confident in myself. It’s like a wee family.”