Leaving a gift in your Will can change the lives of amputees and their families, helping to provide vital physical and emotional support.


Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Finding Your Feet in your Will.

Our work starts with outreach to patients pre-amputation and continues through the full limb-loss journey by providing opportunities to make friends, get fit, try new things and access vital counselling. By leaving a lasting legacy, you will be ensuring we reach the people who need it most.

Quick Will facts…

πŸ“ Minimum age is 12 in Scotland, or 18 in England and Wales

πŸ“ Research says over half of UK adults don’t have one

πŸ“ Around 24% of people include charitable donations

πŸ“ Your family may not automatically get everything without one

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Who you’re impacting

β€œI am under no illusions that FYF, through their Counsellor, have helped to save my life. I was going through a terrible time a few years ago. In a last-ditch attempt I asked the charity if I could access this service, as mentally and emotionally I was in a bad way. If I’m being honest, I was suicidal. It’s taken a long time with so much hard work put in, but it’s been a life-changer for me. I really can’t thank FYF enough – I owe them my life.

“Generally, I felt so excited to be with peers who understood what it’s like being an amputee. Everyone was so welcoming, and I immediately felt at home.”

Your step-by-step guide to organising a Will with a charity in mind

  1. List your most valuable possessions and what you think they’re worth
  2. Consider what you would like to leave your loved ones
  3. Think about causes or charities close to your heart
  4. Choose an Executor – the person who will carry out your wishes
  5. Get in touch with a solicitor or Will-writing service

Write your Scottish Will online

Write your Will quickly and easily online through our partner, WeWill, offering a Will writing service which can take less than 15 minutes.

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Write your Will face-to-face with a solicitor and 10% discount

We have partnered with the team at Complete Clarity to offer our supporters a 10% discount on their Will writing service or, where a home visit is required, no travel costs will be charged. You can get in touch below – make sure to mention Finding Your Feet when doing so or speak to us at info@findingyourfeet.net and we’ll make an introduction.


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