UPDATE: 2022 Nominations now closed!

Your little victories are just as important as the big ones…

The chAMPs Award, first introduced in 2019, celebrates achievements big and small within the amputee community. Whether it’s climbing Everest or the mountainous climb out of bed in the morning, it’s awarded based on what the nominee’s achievement means to them personally and to those around them. The award is UK-wide and there’s no age limit or any criteria other than the nominee must be an amputee or have limb absence.

Nominations are open from 1st October 2022 and will close on 31st October 2022. FYF’s 2022 chAMP will be announced mid-November once our judging panel – made up of FYF team members, Trustees and our sponsor – has chosen their winner.

The chAMPs award is proudly sponsored by JBD Tritec, the leading mechanical and specialist pipework provider in Scotland, offering turnkey solutions from their 5 divisions.



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