June 14th marks the first ever Stompingly Sensational Finding Your Feet Fundraising Bonanza – SSFYFFB for short! It’s big in name and big in nature, and everything raised will go to bringing amputees out of isolation and into an environment in which they can thrive.

On the day we’ll be celebrating everyone who fundraises for us between now and then, and we’ll have online auctions, raffles, giveaways, live videos and content to show where the money is going. It’s going to be a huge online party with a lot of promo and buzz, and we’d love you to get involved either as a business or personally!

Click on the images below and have a scroll through for all the info you need! If you’d like to get involved, just get in touch and we can have a chat about what you’d like to do.


You can donate via our  SSFYFFB Just Giving page or if you’re planning an event, you can use this link to set up your own Just Giving fundraising page.

You can also simply Text Donate on the numbers below:

To donate £5, text STUMPUP to 70970
To donate £10, text STUMPUP to 70191

FYF Auction & Raffle

From Monday 3rd June this page is where you’ll find the link for our fabulous online auction and raffle.  So come along and try your luck for some fantastic prizes.

Music Magpie

We’re collecting CDs, DVDs, computer games (all in their original cases, not damaged and with barcodes), authentic LEGO in good condition and books. Please drop in your donations to the FYF office before Thursday 13th June.

Clothes for Cash

As this clothing will be re-sold by ‘clothes for cash’ we can’t accept the following items:

  • Damaged or stained clothing
  • A single item which should be part of a pair
  • Curtains, cushions or rugs
  • Bedding or dressing gowns

If you’re not sure about any of your items please get in touch. thanks.  Please drop your donations to the FYF office before Thurs 13th June.

We are generally open office hours but please get in touch to make sure there will be someone in when you arrive. Call: 0141 258 4868.

Other ideas

There’s also lots of other ways you can get involved, have a look at the images above, or come up with your own.  If you can’t decide, give us a call and we’ll help.