Club Testimonials

We love to hear what you think about our clubs.  Here’s some of the feedback we’ve had below.

Loch Ness Trip


“We had an amazing time cruising Loch Ness in the sunshine with some of the Inverness troopers!  It was so lovely to be able to chat with everyone face to face in such a beautiful setting. A big thank you to Finding Your Feet for organising it”…. Elizabeth

Loch Lomond Boat Trip


“The boat trip was amazing! I made new friends and took plenty of pictures of the beautiful scenery and would love to do something similar in the future with FYF”……Ross

Johann fife fitness


“Attended my first fitness class at Fife’s new venue Beveridge Park Bowling Club. It was good to see the other troopers, it’s been so long. Met Stuart our personal trainer. We did chair fitness with tins of tomatoes for 30 minutes. I really enjoyed the class and can’t wait until next week. Huge thank you to FYF for finding the venue and organising the sessions.”…Johann

Tom fishing


“What a great time we had fishing and Alex was so helpful as were the people running it…….. rainbow trout for our tea! thanks again”…… Tricia & Tom

Stuart bowling


“Today was a good laugh. The Bowling will no doubt improve in time. Already looking forward to the next session”….. Stuart

Barbara gym


“I joined the gym at Tollcross with FYF. I love it, not only is it challenging my body 😂 but also my mind. Thank you FYF for everything you do xx”…..Barbara

Dundee outdoor teas


“Thanks for the nice day, it was good meeting other people for the first time. Really looking forward to meeting you all again”….Sandy and Jane

Helen fishing


“FYF fishing has re-started in Fife! 👍…and what great weather for it! A very relaxing morning by the water in the lovely surroundings at Balmule Fishery – and a last minute catch for me too! So good to have some new folks from Edinburgh joining us in Fife as well ! (Helen pictured below) 😊…..Aileen

Mark & Dave at Aberdeen Teas


“It was great to meet up with Lesley & Mark on Saturday for our 1st face to face Tea’s”….Dave

“Although there was only 3 of us at the first face to face ‘Ampu-Tea’ it was definitely a case of quality over quantity, great company and I for one can’t wait until the next one ….”….Mark

Glasgow Outdoor Teas


“Amputees in the park was our first face to face group back after lockdown and the soaked , bird poo covered picnic tables were not very appealing. Instead, we went to the kids play park and all had a climb on the ropes and the wee castle and then had a shot on the swings – everyone forgets how much fun it is to workie up on a swing! Poor John on his first visit got a bit of a shock – never a dull moment at a FYF day out! Just a little bit more freedom but hopefully many more meet ups are on the way”….Cor Hutton



“During lockdown, I began to journal. I tried to commit to daily entries but life crowded in, so I manage a couple of rantings each week. I’m surprised at how easy it is to outpour. I might have a journaling prompt to get me going. My last entry was stimulated by the question : how can you feel more fulfilled in your life? I found myself appreciating all that I have but then gently setting myself goals for increased outdoor activity and additional time committed to reading”….Kate

Steve Fishing


“I’m fair looking forward to it. The sun is shining and no doubt the fish will be jumping, but it’s not a forgone conclusion that you’ll manage to wheich one out. That takes skill and cunning with just a sprinkling of luck. Last time I was there I managed to land 4 trouts all safely returned. I must have picked just the right fly. Hope to catch one this Monday. Watch this space”…Steve



“Sooner the better, also for your mental health, it will great to meet in the park or club. It’s been so long l don’t know who l am!”……Martin



“Great to hear that Dundee Fitness will begin on 26th April outdoors. I am feeling so stiff and unfit. It will good to get the joints moving again. All I ask is that Nicole starts gently and that the weather will be warmer. Hope to see all the Dundee troopers then.”….Ella



“A great get together via video on messenger. We talk about everything and the room is open all afternoon so you can pop in and out. Everyone is welcoming and I have enjoyed listening to the stories of others and sharing some of my stories. The written chat group is open 24/7 and there is always light hearted banter. Good to know that there is always someone ready to interact with you especially if you are feeling a bit down or lonely.”…….Sandra



“It has always been clear how much importance the FYF team have in the opinions, suggestions and thoughts from all the troopers, the charity exists because of Cor and the team but very much with the trooper community and families at its heart, so collecting our ideas can be and has been extremely valuable. I see the forum as a way of helping gather those amazing thoughts and to hear what is being said in our community across all our groups and social media which can help improve and grow services for everyone.”…Alan

Grant fishing


“Hi everyone hope you all managed to get through the final stages of lockdown! Me personally, I cant wait for the fishing groups to get started! Its a great way to get some fresh air and you don’t have to ever have been fishing before! Hopefully not long and we will be back catching the trout ( hopefully anyway!)”…..Grant

Valerie exercise pic


“I really enjoy doing these online classes, they are great for getting your heart-rate up and really lift my spirits making me feel motivated to do more and keep moving 😁”…..Valerie



“Yoga is a great way to ease into Monday mornings! I find it relaxing, but invigorating following the movements and stretching the body. It helps you to focus on different parts of the body and the breathing techniques relax the mind. I sit at my laptop working from home and get very tense, sore, neck and shoulder muscles, so these gentle exercises are definitely helping. Anyone can join in sitting on a chair or wheelchair. Donald is a lovely teacher too.”…Cindy

Des Quiz Pic


“I’ve found FYF very helpful since I became involved and I attended Edinburgh and Glasgow clubs before the lockdown. Since the lockdown I’m delighted to be involved in any way I can and love coming along to the different activities. I look forward to the quiz every week, it’s great fun, I’ve met lots of new people there and it’s always a good laugh.”…Des



“Since finding out about FYF Ampu-teas it has been a godsend getting out once a month to meet up with people of different degree’s of amputations and see how they cope and the advise that can be had. Since lockdown this has not been happening but FYF lockdown zoom video chats have been fantastic something to look forward to and meeting new people having a great laugh, The quiz nights are fun too. I would like to thank the Fyf team and volunteers for all their hard work especially during these times xxx”….Dave

Brian exercise pic


“The current back exercises that we are doing with Lynn are a great help to me as I have scoliosis and suffer back pain everyday and the core exercises that we do are a massive help”…Brian

Marie quiz pic


“Best part of the quiz is the patter and company.  It is fun and not too serious. It gives you a chance to exercise your brain-that’s the hard bit. We joined with other amputee groups recently – great to meet new people and compete as a FYF team. It was excellent. Unfortunately we didn’t win but we did have a good time. 😁”…Marie & Tim

Ella teas pic


“The monthly “ampu-teas meeting” has allowed me to talk to others with limb difference and gain an understanding of how each of us has coped on our journey. We support each other with humour and empathy, when required, but mostly it is a fun social group. When lockdown came I felt something was missing in my life and it wasn’t until we held the first virtual ampu-teas that I realised it was the company and chat with the other members that I missed more than I can say.”…Ella

Cor Yoga pose


“Yoga slows me down and makes me focus on my breathing. Given my lung problems and Covid threats, that’s pretty important! The moves build strength and toning muscles over the weeks equal to any fitness class.”…Cor



“I like pilates as I’ve had my BKA for many years and in that time have tried lots of different pilates or other classes at gym. Eventually I stopped considering going to classes at all. But Mishan’s sessions are so suited to amputees. I cant stand for long at all now and he gives positions either sitting on chair or floor. That’s BRILLIANT! It’s just fantastic as I can do everything he says AND I’m so much more toned and I really feel the difference, and feel fitter. My tummy and back definitely are better. He says to do an exercise for 1min 45 seconds and I’m saying to myself…you must be joking!! But I still do it!!! “….Moira

Maryann Quiz Pic


“I’m enjoying the quiz night and the Ayr amputee video chat and the amputees tea for all. On the day of the Ayr amputee meet up I’m usually working so it’s nice after being an amputee for 39years to talk to fellow amputees who know what you’ve been through. I’m hoping after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted that the quiz and the amputee teas can continue as I miss out due to work.”….Maryann



“I enjoy the Ampu-teas because it’s great to be able to chat with and see fellow troopers, it gives me company for the time as being on my own I think that’s important. Just cant wait until we can all be face to face.”…Barbara

Cathy Fishing


“That was my 1st time fishing I was very nervous at first at what to expect the guy that was there Vinny was great at putting you at ease. He explained everything, then I went and tried it, and there was nothing to worry about. It was great fishing I would recommend it to everyone, very relaxing very peaceful and it was great seeing some troopers and Cor again, felt like years since I saw anyone 😂 And meeting new troopers was great putting faces to names. Everyone needs to go fishing especially if you have a lot on your mind, it soon goes away and is relaxing.”….Cathy

Angela and David Dundee teas


“We loved the idea of holding a Covid 19 compliant picnic and being able to meet with and chat with friends again. Hoping for an Indian summer so that we can go again.”…Angela & David