Davy Hutton

Davy is the Founder and Director of Quicksale Property Auctions, a unique estate agency and property auction company which deals with a range of hard-to-sell and quirky properties. He has become a leading voice in the industry in Scotland and is regularly invited to speak at events across the country as well as being a recognisable voice on the radio. Despite being Director of the company, Davy sees each property personally and often helps clients not only with the selling of their property but also overall finance management and personal guidance.

In 2003, Davy purchased Law Castle in West Kilbride. The Castle is a fifteenth century building which he restored and renovated to become one of Scotland’s most historic holiday homes which facilitates weddings and events and increases tourism in the local area. Prior to Quicksale and Law Castle, Davy owned and operated the successful Howwood Inn pub. He is considered one of Scotland’s successful entrepreneurs, and mentors many others on the rise.

Davy is Cor’s brother, and was instrumental in both her recovery and the formation of Finding Your Feet. As well as general business expertise and contacts, Davy is our bank signatory and contributes significantly to the strategic evolution and day-to-day running of the charity and is an active voice to raise awareness and draw attention to it’s mission.