A lovely testimonial from Trooper Alan

April 6, 2021

Here’s a few lovely words from below-knee Trooper Alan about our new focus group to help improve FYF’s services. Alan’s been to our yoga, golf and ampu-teas mornings. He also volunteers tech support – which is extremely useful for our team! ?

“The charity exists because of Cor and the FYF team but very much with the trooper community and families at its heart, so collecting our ideas can be and has been extremely valuable. I see the focus group as a way of helping gather those amazing thoughts and to hear what’s being said in our community across all our groups and social media which can help improve services for everyone.

The maiden call was very relaxed and a chance for people to meet, in some cases for the first time, but the call went far too quickly which is the mark of a great conversation. The varied backgrounds and experiences of the group should really help to see all ideas from many different points of view. But there is very much a shared desire to give something back to the charity and to help their amazing team continue to provide all resources and support. Looking forward to the next meeting and contributing as best I can.”