A very open and honest message from Dave here.

November 20, 2020

“Last week I had myself a down day, which is not like me as I feel I’m a strong and confident person, so I was shocked and couldn’t understand why this was happening. I vented on Facebook (maybe not the right place) but I found out there was a lot of support for me.

My day started off fantastic and in my usual happy self. As the day went on, I felt myself getting angry and tense and, by teatime, finding myself upset and crying for the next few hours and not understanding why.

The next day I attended the SAMH Zoom video chat hosted by Finding Your Feet and found it very helpful in understanding why I may have had these feelings: feeling alone, feelings of being dropped as a friend since amputation like I’m not appreciated anymore, being let down by people who say that they are going to do something for me and sometimes not even getting a call or message but most of all not being able to get to see my family at these stressful times.

My problem is I tend to bottle things up so I don’t upset other people. I would rather help others than myself but after listening to SAMH, I could see that I was doing the same thing as the people I like to help.

So in conclusion, I find my shoulders are not as big as I thought they were and it’s great to talk, there is always someone out there to talk with and listen to you.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Thanks for listening ?โ™ฟ”ย Thanks to SAMH for hosting some mental health sessions for our Troopers.