Partner Patter: The ER Network / Pivotal Financial Planning

June 15, 2020

Welcome to our first ever Partner Patter! We’re going to be shining a light on the corporate partners who do so much to help us continue to provide the highest level of support and opportunities to the amputee community in Scotland. We’ll chat to someone from the company who was part of the decision to choose Finding Your Feet as their charity partner, find out a bit about what they do and why they chose us! First up, The ER Network / Pivotal Financial Planning…

The ER Network Ltd was formed in 2005 by a team of individuals with a wealth of experience in the mortgage and financial planning markets with a view to becoming the best-respected support network across the whole industry. Pivotal Financial Planning, a part of the ER Network, is an all-encompassing nationwide service to help you with a wide range of financial advice. As specialists in the areas of mortgages, investments, insurance, pensions and asset protection, we can guide you to help meet your financial objectives. Whether you need a new low interest rate mortgage, advice on investments or pensions or perhaps you need support to protect your assets, Pivotal Financial Planning is on hand to help.

We chatted to Rhona, Operations Director of the ER Network and Founding Member of Pivotal Financial. As well as fundraising, spreading the word and volunteering, Rhona and the team have provided helpful financial content on our website, adding a dimension of support which we didn’t offer before our partnership.

In fact, Rhona’s support is so valuable that we jumped at the chance to ask her to become a Trustee of the charity in September 2018. She was delighted to accept and now she’s stuck with us! Anyway, onto the interview…

How did you find Finding Your Feet?
Back in the late 1980’s Cor and I used to work for the same life assurance company. Although we didn’t actually know each other at the time, I recognised her on the front of a newspaper one day when I was in the supermarket late 2013/early 2014. I then saw that she was doing a walk round George Square along with P1 school children and went along to lend support. I was blown away by her remarkable courage and determination. I then decided to contact her to see if she had a JustGiving page (or similar) because I was doing 2 half marathons later on that year and wanted to do them for FYF. Cor then asked me to meet up with her one day in Glasgow and I have been a firm follower of FYF since…

Does what you do tie in with the charity’s mission?
Our business is to help people with a wide range of financial advice. A big part of our business is helping first time buyers “find their feet” on the property ladder. We assist people to find financial solutions to help them avoid problems and achieve their goals.

Why is it important for a business to have a charitable responsibility?
I think it is important for businesses to put something back into the community and help those who are in need of support. Finding Your Feet is an excellent charity which encapsulates our own values of providing support when needed, helping people achieve their objectives and plan for the future. At Pivotal Financial Planning, we believe that supporting charities like FYF is vital and benefits the wider community, our clients and our advisers.

What do you look for in a charitable partner?
When selecting our charitable partners we look for organisations with the same mantra as our own; to support people and make their lives better. Cor first spoke at our annual conference, not about financial services, but about overcoming adversity and it was the most powerful presentation of the day. It’s fair to say, the vast majority of people left the conference enlightened, positive about the future and grateful to Cor for sharing her story. From that point onwards, we recognised Finding Your Feet was a charity we would want to partner with.

Have you had a chance to meet the FYF Troopers?
I have met a number of the troopers both at the Ampu-Teas and also at fundraising events like the Millport Cycle. The sense of wellbeing and community is amazing to see. Some of the troopers I have spoken to hadn’t been out of their homes for years due to lack of confidence, depression etc… that it’s so heart warming to see these people out, taking part in clubs, socialising again and making new friends. FYF has undoubtedly saved people’s lives with the support they offer.

What inspires you about FYF?
I think what inspires us most about FYF is the way they push boundaries on personal levels and the words “I can’t” don’t seem to exist. Their positive mental attitude is just amazing and it’s impossible to not feel inspired by what the charity and individual troopers have achieved.

Everyone’s goal is different but everyone is acknowledged and celebrated.