Research Project

January 23, 2018

Volunteers Needed – We have been contacted by Mr Garrett Saxton,  a first-year MSc Physiotherapy student at Leeds Beckett University. He is currently conducting a research project on Phantom Sensations/Pain and is looking for volunteers.  The research will aim to explore treatment options for Phantom Limb Pain by interviewing both physiotherapists and amputees. Interviews will focus on the attitudes and beliefs towards the treatment of phantom limb pain. There are currently no guidelines for physiotherapists toward the treatment of phantom limb pain. He hopes that through this study he may explore what amputees believe about the current practice to treat phantom limb pain. With this knowledge, the research aims to improve physiotherapy practice and the care of amputees. 

With a vast treatment toolbox, physiotherapists can play a key role in PLP management. Despite research efforts to discover the best possible management, no standard effective treatment exists for PLP

He is seeking volunteers who have an amputation, have experienced phantom limb pain in recent memory, and have been treated by a physiotherapist. You will need to be available to partake in a telephone interview lasting no longer than 20 minutes.

To arrange an interview please contact: