A Message From Davy……

January 13, 2019

A message from Cor’s brother Davy:
Thank you so much for all of your messages of support for Cor, she’s doing well and, typically, way ahead of schedule. I’m so sorry I’ve not been able to reply to everyone, it’s been a whirlwind week. There have been over 150 different news articles along with all the TV and radio requests to deal with and we’re enormously grateful to Nicola and Kerr and the team at Finding Your Feet for being able to coordinate what they’ve done. It has been a quite remarkable effort and they’ve not had much sleep this week. 

I have read all the messages and they’ve been relayed to Cor who is drawing enormous strength from each and every one… we had to stop her yesterday trying to reply using her nose and a ‘dabber’ in her mouth!  We have attempted to focus this attention towards organ donation with all of the worldwide interest shown in her, so if you haven’t already, PLEASE hit the link below and register. If you’re prepared to receive an organ, hit the button to give them when you no longer need them, it takes seconds to do. My sister is a warrior, but the girl who gave her this opportunity is the true hero of this story. If you’ve read this far, you are changing the world and should be very proud of yourselves.