Research Participation Request

October 25, 2018

Research participation request – Have you been using an upper limb prosthesis? 

If so, we are interested to hear from you about your experiences of this and participate in research from the University of Salford – ‘An exploration of factors associated with embodiment of upper limb prostheses’.

The aim of this study is to explore whether specific factors are associated with upper limb prosthesis embodiment (the feeling of the prosthesis being ‘part of’ you). We hope this will develop understanding of prosthesis embodiment and have important implications for prosthetic design and/or rehabilitation.

The research involves completion of a short anonymous online survey, covering a range of feelings towards your prosthesis along with some background questions.

We hope to hear from anyone who is 18 or above and who has an upper-limb prosthesis.

Please follow this link to a survey detailing full information for you to read and decide if you wish to participate: