Prosthetic Aids

There are a few gadgets designed to make life with a prosthetic limb a little easier.  If you know of any others please let us know.  Thanks.

Cast & Dressing Protectors are waterproof and ideal for use in the shower or bath to protect prosthetics and wounds. Whether you need a waterproof limb protector or a waterproof wound protector, check out the range below.

More details here.



There are also LIMBO Waterproof Protectors.

If you’ve wondered how to cover your prosthetic when you go for a shower or a paddle in the sea then these are ideal.

  • Easy to use
  • Have a comfortable non-restrictive Neoprene seal
  • Come in Adult and child sizes
  • Latex free
  • Used and recommended throughout the NHS

My Liner Buddy Prosthetic Liner Drying Hook – The “My Liner Buddy” prosthetic locking liner dryer hook is designed as a one-piece unit that is multi-functional, helpful, and an easy way to facilitate with the proper cleaning and handling of prosthetic locking liners. The grips are specially designed for the ease of use for one hand operation that can be used by either a child or an older individual.

This is only available in the US but can be shipped to the UK.  More info here.

OttoBock Prosthetic Liner Drying Stand for Transtibial Liners. These are available in the US but can be shipped to the UK.  More details here.